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Local photographer’s photos displayed at Grand Cru Food & Wine

Wilmington — Photographs of Miles Davis, Sophia Loren and Andy Warhol adorn the walls of Grand Cru Wine & Bar. Brownie Harris, a local photographer — and icon in his own right — has spent decades capturing American icons with his lens. He unveiled a selection of photos Thursday during the grand opening of Grand Cru Food & Wine in Lumina […]


I am not fancy. My wardrobe consists of two pairs of ripped jean shorts, faded local brewery T-shirts, and Rainbow sandals. I keep Hot Pockets on hand for hangovers and brush my cat’s hair more often than my own. What I’m saying is: I typically don’t dine on caviar and truffles. But when I do, it’s at Grand Cru. The […]

New Lumina Station wine bar

Grand Cru Food & Wine will go in the space formerly occupied by the Dirty Martini. By Paul StephenStarNews Staff A new establishment in the Lumina Station shopping plaza near Wrightsville Beach promises to pair an extensive wine list with one of the city’s best-known culinary talents. Owners Steve West and Bill Conely plan to open Grand Cru Food & Wine […]

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Wilmington Wine Bar and Restaurant

Grand Cru is a wine bar and small plates restaurant located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Grand Cru offers an extensive wine menu with foods such as cured meats, global cheeses, small plates and desserts that pair well with the wine selections. Grand Cru is located in Lumina Station at 1900 Eastwood Road in Wilmington, North Carolina.

1900 Eastwood Rd • Wilmington, NC 28403
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