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“Good things come to those who wait.” You’ve heard it time and time again, and maybe even had a time or two in your own life when this fortune cookie-worthy bit of advice came to fruition. You know, like when you went fishing with your Dad as a kid, spent all day at the lake getting eaten by bugs without […]

Best Romantic Restaurants In Wilmington NC

Port City Foodie went back to our Facebook fans with a question full of love: “What’s your favorite romantic restaurant in Wilmington?” Here’s our list of the best romantic restaurants to inspire love and romance in Wilmington NC. If the season of love and Valentine’s Day are inspiring your search for the perfect place to spark some amorous emotion, or […]

Grand Cru Food & Wine (Wilmington, NC)

We were hosted by David, the executive chef of Grand Cru Food & Wine, in Wilmington on February 3, 2018.  Both David and Russell, the long time manager, were very welcoming and gracious hosts.  Grand Cru has been around since July 2016 and has found a sweet spot as a wine bar with amazing cured meats, global cheeses, small plates, […]

Chef David Coppola’s Small Plate Menu Far From Small

By Ashley Morris, StarNews Staff For decades Coppola worked as a pizza chef at the famous Fierro’s Pizza in East Hampton, New York. In a way, small plates aren’t all that different from giant pizzas, according to Chef David Coppola of Grand Cru Food and Wine in Wrightsville Beach. For decades Coppola worked as a pizza chef at the famous […]

Best of Wilmington NC 2017

NIGHTLIFE Appetizers Dram + Morsel 910-833-5999 On the search for chic small plates with a comfort food twist? Dram + Morsel has got you covered. This trendy lounge resides on Front Street, but evokes a New York City vibe. Favorites for sharing: the Frites on Fleek with candied bacon and smoked cheddar sauce and Floured Flower (deep-fried florets served with […]

Local photographer’s photos displayed at Grand Cru Food & Wine

Wilmington — Photographs of Miles Davis, Sophia Loren and Andy Warhol adorn the walls of Grand Cru Wine & Bar. Brownie Harris, a local photographer — and icon in his own right — has spent decades capturing American icons with his lens. He unveiled a selection of photos Thursday during the grand opening of Grand Cru Food & Wine in Lumina […]


I am not fancy. My wardrobe consists of two pairs of ripped jean shorts, faded local brewery T-shirts, and Rainbow sandals. I keep Hot Pockets on hand for hangovers and brush my cat’s hair more often than my own. What I’m saying is: I typically don’t dine on caviar and truffles. But when I do, it’s at Grand Cru. The […]

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Wilmington Wine Bar and Restaurant

Grand Cru is a wine bar and small plates restaurant located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Grand Cru offers an extensive wine menu with foods such as cured meats, global cheeses, small plates and desserts that pair well with the wine selections. Grand Cru is located in Lumina Station at 1900 Eastwood Road in Wilmington, North Carolina.

1900 Eastwood Rd • Wilmington, NC 28403
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