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Best Romantic Restaurants In Wilmington NC

Port City Foodie went back to our Facebook fans with a question full of love: “What’s your favorite romantic restaurant in Wilmington?”

Here’s our list of the best romantic restaurants to inspire love and romance in Wilmington NC. If the season of love and Valentine’s Day are inspiring your search for the perfect place to spark some amorous emotion, or if you are planning a celebration for a special milestone, like an anniversary or pop-the-question evening, these wonderful restaurants fit the bill.

Here’s what our Facebook fans suggest for romantic restaurants:

work lunch restaurants Grand Cru
work lunch restaurants Manna
work lunch restaurants Trails End! (haha… this is a throwback, and no longer open)
work lunch restaurants Freddie’s
work lunch restaurants Caprice
work lunch restaurants Port Land Grille
work lunch restaurants Circa 1922
work lunch restaurants Catch
work lunch restaurants Le Catalan
work lunch restaurants Take the ferry to Southport for a date at Mr. P’s Bistro
work lunch restaurants PinPoint
work lunch restaurants Little Dipper with a shout-out for table 10
work lunch restaurants Boca Bay
work lunch restaurants Oceanic with a table on the deck and a view of the ocean

Do you have a favorite restaurant for a romantic meal?

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Wilmington Wine Bar and Restaurant

Grand Cru is a wine bar and small plates restaurant located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Grand Cru offers an extensive wine menu with foods such as cured meats, global cheeses, small plates and desserts that pair well with the wine selections. Grand Cru is located in Lumina Station at 1900 Eastwood Road in Wilmington, North Carolina.

1900 Eastwood Rd • Wilmington, NC 28403
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